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Camille CallMeCEO Sharp

Camille Walker is a nature lover, burnt almond fudge enthusiast, and the founder of, a lifestyle parenting blog. For nearly a decade she's been sharing parenting tips, recipes, and household hacks. Through the years Camille realized she has a deep passion for business and championing other women in theirs.

Camille began consulting women on how to find their passion and creativity, while balancing motherhood and being their own boss.


As a wife and mother of 4 children between the ages of 4 and 12, Camille knows what it's like to juggle family and business life. She is also the creator of the popular screen freeze program that helps parents balance screen-time in their own homes. Camille points out that we are the first generation of parents who have a responsibility to raise our children in a screen filled world.

Instead of working against these, Camille’s program provides tools for parents to reframe our thinking on screens, in order to create a healthy balance for our children.


Grateful for the incredible people that have helped her rise through her journey of building her own business, Camille is now focused on helping

other women fuel their own creativity and passion in harmony with their

role as a mother.


Camille is the host of the podcast, Call me CEO, which provides encouragement, practical tools and inspiration to help mothers

discover their purpose and control their income.

Camille Family Sharp

Camille believes motherhood is the ultimate calling in life but wants mothers to know they can develop their passions in the process.

Living in and creating moments that matter is her ultimate goal.

She created daily parent/child prompt journals called "Time For Us," that allow parents to do just that.


Camille hopes that by sharing stories from the most inspiring women who have trusted their instincts as a mother and business owner you can do the same. Tune in every Tuesday for the most recent episode; before too long we hope you adopt the title of CEO.