Call Me CEO Intro with Camille Walker

Camille Walker, the founder of, has been building an online business for nearly a decade. She shares her journey of how being a woman in business can be difficult, but there are so many opportunities available. Learn how she took her knowledge of sales, relationships, and marketing to build a six figure online blog and consulting business all while raising four babies at home. Motherhood and business can go hand in hand. You do not need to apologize for wanting to build your own passions along the way. Join each week as the most inspiring moms share how they’ve built all different kinds of business while managing the magic and mayhem at home.

Learn how to become a CEO with the new podcast Call me CEO! Each Tuesday a new story will be shared by different mothers who have developed all different kinds of businesses and products with your host Camille Walker.

Camille believes motherhood is the ultimate calling in life but wants mothers to know they can develop their passions in the process.

Living in and creating moments that matter is her ultimate goal.


Not necessarily. It is all about your intentions, discovering your purpose and figuring out what this looks like for you. This is what Camille is hoping to help YOU figure out as the listener.

Camille hopes that by sharing stories from the most inspiring women who have trusted their instincts as a mother and business owner you can do the same. Tune in every Tuesday for the most recent episode; before too long we hope you adopt the title of CEO.


Camille shares her story from going to school, student teaching, landing a job, the stock market crash, and how she finally fulfilled her dreams to stay at home with her babies and still make it work financially for her family. We share what it is like to be in a man filled world as a woman and how you can use that to inspire and motivate yourself to be the best you can be.



In this episode, we cover: 

  • ONE: meeting Camille and seeing what she is all about
  • TWO: overcoming not ideal work environments
  • THREE: how to start your stay at home career
  • And, FOUR: connecting with others, while still being at home 

Resources and links mentioned during this episode:

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